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"The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility –

these three forces are the very nerve of education.” – Rudolf Steiner

Through a curriculum based on principles of Public Waldorf education, we aim for our students to become critical thinkers who are curious about the world, connected to their communities, and confident shaping them.


Shade Canyon's program is inspired by principles of Public Waldorf education. Our curriculum:

Involves Head, Heart, and Hands

Meets the Child’s Developmental Phase

Draws Out Free Thinking

Weaves in Outdoor & Nature-Based Lessons

Integrates Subjects

Engages and Encourages Imagination

Consists of Hands-On Learning

Seeks Awareness of Diverse Cultures

Teaches a Second Language

Includes Handicrafts, Visual Arts, Music, and Theater

Minimizes Media & Technology in Early Grades

Learns and Responds to Individual Student’s Personality & Learning Style

Our Core Principles


Every individual brings specific gifts, creativity, and potential to this life. Education should help each student integrate into a maturing whole, aware of all elements of their being, including the physical, emotional, intellectual, artistic, social, and spiritual. We seek to honor the unique spark of each student and nurture them as they unfold.


Each phase of a child's development has distinct physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects. Our curriculum is designed to meet and support students where they are in their particular phase of development.


Human relationships form the heart of our school community. Intentional connections among teachers, students, parents, families, and community stakeholders create a vibrant and trustworthy ecosystem of relationship-based learning. Into this relational whole, we also weave self-reflection and connection with the natural world.


We believe that by honoring simplicity, we nurture the spark of the individual and nourish a thriving community. Our program fosters such qualities as self-awareness, social competence, curiosity, respect, responsibility, initiative, and confidence — lifelong qualities that allow individuals to creatively and consciously engage with their community.


Our curriculum and program are tailored to our unique student population. We believe that diversity of culture and experience enriches the entire community, and we work to create an authentic atmosphere of inclusiveness for students of all backgrounds, in both day-to-day activities and seasonal school festivals. We welcome collaboration in this ongoing quest.


Our teaching methodology is dynamic and integrative, moves from experience to concept, uses artistic expression and images, surpasses memorization by drawing out free thinking, and uses rhythm and repetition. In all classes and subjects, our teaching philosophy focuses on how to create health and wholeness.


Teachers, board members, and administrators guide our school by sharing responsibilities. We support teachers’ freedom to respond to their students’ specific needs with authentic and creative innovation. And we invite parents to be full participants in the process.

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